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9: 2R-Hex Architecture

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 by in 432

The contest of August ’11, is to form a building, using 24 2Radius-Hexagon sheets. You may of course fold the hex sheets, and join them to form other sub units. Use no more than 432 magnets, also known as 24 sheets of two radius hexagons. How abstract should your architecture be? Hard to say, but the jury will be your fellow magnet technicians. You may find it useful to build on top of a tin or steel surface for stability.

As always, this is a photography contest as much as it is a magnet sphere contest! Be aware of composition, lighting, and exposure. Those who use flash rarely win! Have fun :-)

Contest 9

Deadline is the end of August. First place wins two zens, second place wins one. All submissions enter the public domain. Zen Magnets only. We’ll post the vote link soon after the end of the contest, and winners will be announced by Sept 10th. To enter, upload your photo to, and use the form behind this button:

Entries closed!