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86.5: Beneath the Surface – Judging

Posted on Jan 5, 2021 by in Magnet Limit, No Limit, Results Posted

1st Place: “WHERE ARE THE TURTLES.” by Daniel Notary

Daniel took first place with his turtle peaking out of the water. A fairly simple design, though he said “The head was somewhat simple to make, but after dropping it once I realized it was a little harder to recreate.” All the plants and rocks drive the image home. First place awards Daniel $100.

2nd Place: “The Flooded City” by Anum Barr

Anum Barr’s city was created solely with magnets and a mirror. The reflections have a very nice water effect. Looks just like Venice. For second place Anum is awarded $85.

3rd Place: “Zen Zombie rises from the ground” by JLW

I could be wrong, but I think this is the first molded style sculpture we’ve had in a while. JLW mashed this zombie into existence with 2592 Zen Magnets. Looks like he’s been decaying a little while already. Third place awards JLW $65.

4th Place: “What Lies Below” by tend2it

Last but not least, we have tend2it’s submission. A single arch on a mirror, creating the illusion of a full ring. Only 144 magnets used. For 4th place, tend2it earns $50.

Thanks to all our participants, not only from this contest but throughout the years. It’s been a long, strange trip. Winners will be able to use their winnings at or

We had a total of 4 entries for the last ever Zen Magnets contest. Not terribly shocking considering there are no more Zen Magnets or Neoballs to purchase with one’s contest winnings. Regardless, we have $300 in prizes to dole out (Micromagnets anyone?). Check out the submissions here and then vote for your favorites.

Voting will be open through January 10, 2021. After you’ve checked out the full size versions of the submissions, vote here:

Vote Here