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8.0: We’re back. Wanna build a city?

Posted on Jul 14, 2011 by in No Limit

We’re back! And the contest for the month of July to make the best photo of a zen magnet cityscape. For the first time, there is No Limit to how many zen magnets you may use in this contest. However, you may only submit one photo, so don’t build what won’t be seen. Creative use of lighting will be a must.

A cityscape is man made nature, concrete and tarmac. Let the tower blocks break the skyline, capture the hustle of the street. The atmosphere and vibe is yours to portray. If you have trouble picking just one shot, remember that you can always submit other perspectives to As always, remember that this is a photography contest as much as it is a magneteering contest.


Deadline is the end of July. First place wins two sets of zens, and second place wins one. All submissions enter the public domain. Zen Magnets only. We’ll hold a vote soon after the end of the contest, and winners will be announced before August 10th. To enter, upload your photo to, and find the form past the jump:

In other news, neodymium prices have finally flattened. And our prices have gone up, though not as much as our costs have. And even worse, our supply capacity is lower than it once was. Our Nd industry contacts in NingBo tell us to expect more material prices increases within the next half year. We’re still going to try to roll out colored neoballs in time for Christmas.