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7.6: TP Macro results. Also some bad news.

Posted on Jun 10, 2011 by in 72, Results Posted

In first place is a Toilet paper lily and a Zen vase by Each leaf carefully cut and placed. Wonderful composition and background selection. You really need to see the full size photo to appreciate the details involved. Click the picture!

In second is a dreamy mini zen basket by dylanschepers. Autumn picnic with a zen magnet basket, decorated plates with napkins and hot cocoa topped with whipped cream all laid out on a quilted-pattern blanket. And again, click on the image for original size.

If you were one of the winners, contact us for your prize :-)

* * *

The bad news, as was already announced in the gallery forums, is that neodymium prices are going crazy. China, with their 97% monopoly, is done handing out cheap neodymium. Our costs have doubled since 6 months ago. We’re not sure exactly how much our prices will need to increase, but the constitution of the Zen Magnets company will always be to offer the highest quality magnet spheres at aggressively competitive prices. Competitors have already increased prices 5-10 dollars, so we’ll probably follow suit soon.