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63.5 9-Triangle Subunit II – Winners Announced

Posted on Feb 4, 2019 by in 1728, Magnet Limit, Results Posted

1st place – KLAW

KLAW 1st place

With about 30 entries, KLAW managed to take 1st place with this photo of a Zen pyramid. Nice warm, dramatic lighting from the golden hour helped achieve “an Egyptian atmosphere.” Plus a low angle and short depth of field gives this build the illusion of being enormous. Congratulations, KLAW, first place lands you $100 in Zen credits.



2nd place – Acanthaster

Acanthaster 2nd Place

This entry displays the versatility of the 9 ball triangle. “I was playing around with the subunit, and suddenly I had something that looked like a dog’s head! I was able to attach a neck, so worked out the body and legs and assembled the pieces.” Acanthaster, your creativity has earned you $60 in Zen credits.



3rd place – tend2it

tend2it 3rd Place

Tend2it utilized 1260 Zen Magnets to assemble “Space Cruiser Alterra.” The backdrop, use of glass and blue lighting effectively give this image the aura of an alien spacecraft. To see a ton of alternates, and how to build, follow the link to his flickr. For securing 3rd place, tend2it walks away with $45 in Zen credits.



4th place – Teradonis

Teradonis 4th place

Teradonis brings the minimalist vibes with this flower image. After beginning with a classic flower shape, “…I tried to make a stem that could carry the flower without falling.” Clean, white lighting and central focus has earned Teradonis $35 in Zen credits.



5th place – LaniQ

LaniQ 5th Place

Perhaps our most stylistic entry, LaniQ started with a pyramid-inspired shape, and then inverted it on a sea of 9 ball triangles. The blue lighting, sharp focus, and magnet ball reflections caught the eyes of our voters, securing 5th place. LaniQ is awarded $30 in Zen credits.



6th place – A.K.C.E.L.

A.K.C.E.L. 6th place

A.K.C.E.L. used all 1728 magnets in this crystal-inspired build. Here’s what they had to say, “My end goal was to replicate a crystal cluster using the sub units formed into diamond structures. From this initial thought process I slowly added and mirrored my diamond structures to create what I proudly call: little big cluster.” Little big cluster is awarded $26 in Zen credits.



7th place – MeowAwo

MeowAwo 7th Place

This is MeowAwo’s first contest submission, though he’s no stranger to the gallery. Perhaps not his intent, but this image screams 3D triforce to me. Utilizing the Golden Power has earned MeowAwo $23 in Zen credits.



8th place – DBOI

DBOI 8th Place


After checking the last contest and attempting something more complex, DBOI was hooked on the potato chip shape he stumbled on and went all in. This junk food mimicry solidified 8th place for DBOI, he is awarded $20 in Zen credits.



9th place – Nicolas Rocha

Nicolas 9th Place

This large build is constructed of tetrahedron subunits connected antiparallel to each other. If you look closely you can see the connections forming straight lines running through the whole construction. Well done. Nicolas is awarded $17.50 for 9th place.



10th place – Aaron

Aaron 10th place

Last but not least, Aaron constructed a Stellated Icosahedron with his 9 ball triangles. The slight texture of the snow is a nice contrast to the smooth mirror finish of the magnets. Aaron is awarded $15 in Zen credits.



Great job everyone. If you haven’t already, click on the images to check them at the original size. And keep in mind that contests held here are independent of the Zen Gallery. Magnet sculptors can always submit photos to to win magnets as well. Spectators, keep your eyes peeled for the next contest, because you choose the winners. Contest Winners, we’ll email you your prizes soon.




Bringing back the 9-Tri Subunit contest proved to be fruitful, we had 28 submissions for this contest. Looks like everyone had a good time, there’s some fun mimicry in there. A quick review of the contest requirements: Must be Zen Magnets, no more than 1728 magnets used, all magnets in the sculpture must be identifiable as 9-Triangles.



$300 in prizes will be distributed among the winners.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 2/13.

Vote in this google form for your top 3: