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5.5: Magnet Homunculus Results

Posted on Mar 6, 2011 by in 1728, Results Posted

The Winner : Mecha Warrior v2.0 by Tend2it

Click above to see full size. Incredible.

Is this mecha here to blast us away? Only 1042 zen magnets were involved in this intricate figurine. We tried to recreate this delicate sculpture in the confines of our own office space, but gave up after failing to decode the polarity of the head. What you’re looking at is the result of strong discipline, much practice, great intuition and competent creativity. In the past, Tend2it has contributed great contest submissions, but waived the prizes to others. It’s about time he’s rewarded. Click here for more views of this epic beast, a well as v1.0.

Second Place : 216 figurine by Nujabez

Click to enlarge.

An austere, yet beautifully proportioned humanoid with use of only one single set of 216 magnets. If we could read the minds of magnet sculptures, this one would either be thinking “Oh hi! I’m so glad to see you.” or “I’m losing my balance Ahhhh!”

Winners, contact us for magnets.

Other Entries

Judging was quite difficult. This is certainly the most open that a contest has been in terms of creative liberty. Thus there was no easy or objective way to pick, and there were many great entries for second place as you will see below. Certainly the most personality and individual creative expression that we’ve seen in a contest yet. Props to everybody who entered for the courage to have their creative work exhibited to tens of thousands of people. If you submitted but didn’t win, you can still give your figurine a shot at!

Click to enlarge. Prepare to be impressed.





Cecelia W

Tyler B.

Stef A.

Dimitri T.

Thomas Wilder

Ben Arria

Steven O.