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41.5: Super Smash Contestants – Winner Announced

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 by in 1728

 Difficult contest with relatively few submissions, but all were remarkable.

1st Place: Ffrangconator – $100

A colorful Link, formed to recognizable shape, with a few wonderful backgrounds. This scene was originally going to be in a stop motion animation, but was difficult to animate. Perfect match for this contest, however 🙂  The post processed background is great for the thumbnail view, though it’s a bit distracting at full resolution.  $100 in Zen Credits awarded, usable at or

2nd Place: Poolshark – $85

An impressive color rendition of Yoshi’s head, amazing proportioning and great detail. Even the nostrils are marked with different colored magnets. A somewhat dark shot, but very sharp at full resolution. Click to view. $85 Zen won, also exchangeable for 50% in Bitcoin.

3rd Place: DanCJ – $70

An incredible case of curvature control shown in this full body version of Yoshi. Those with experience working with magnets, will know how difficult this sculpture was to create. $70 worth of magnets won.

4th Place Tie: Tend2it – $65.96

One hungry hungry Kirby! Exactly 438 Zen Magnets were used to capture Kirby in the middle of his Inhale Attack. Neoballs were used for the colored eye, mouth and feet detailing. Each entry in this contest is quite impressive, so we’ve stepped up the lower tier prizes: $65.96 awarded for the 4th place ties.

4th Place Tie: Teradonis – $65.96

This is one of our favorites. A tall free-standing Link, visibly holding his shield and grappling hook. The shape of his hat is as distinct as his boots. Wish we could see it in 3D… $65.96 in Zen earned.

4th Place Tie: Jrcpalmetto – $65.96

A cute Pikachu, standing next to his pokeball. This was created with only 216 yellow neoballs, along with other colors. Jrcpalmetto says, “I ended up stacking irregular hexagons and rings on top of each other until I got the shape I wanted, and then went back and added exactly 216 yellow neoballs and a face and tail (also made of irregular hexagons a.k.a. 12 triangles).” $65.96 Zen won.

If you haven’t already, click on the images to check out the original size. And keep in mind that contests held here are independent of the Zen Gallery. Magnet sculptors can always submit photos to to win magnets as well.

Spectators, keep your eyes peeled for the next contest, because you choose the winners.

Contest Winners, we’ll email you your prizes soon.

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6 Incredible Entries for the July 2014 Super Smash Bros Character sculpting contest.

Click for original size.


1st Place: $100 Zen Credit, usable on or

The rest of the prize scale will be announced with the winners.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 9/30.

Decide your favorite TWO entries, and

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