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39: The Flagship Video Contest

Posted on Mar 7, 2014 by in 216, Video


$3500 Front Page Video Contest

$2500 First Place
$1000 Second Place

Free magnets for all who attempt.*


The biggest prizes we’ve ever offered. All winnings via Cash or Bitcoin.

Four years and four million views later, the original Zen Magnets video has gotten a bit stale.

Zen Magnets, Dexterity, and Videography experience. If you have at least 2 of the 3, then this contest is for you. Now’s the time to cut your fingernails and start drawing out an action plan. The video above was planned, shot and edited in about a week, but you’ll have till April 30th. Remember, we’re not a megacorp with millions of customers. If you’ve reached this page, your odds are very good. Consider that if 10 people enter, the average prize per video is $350, plus a free set of magnets. You were looking for an excuse to fall back in love with the magnets anyways, weren’t you?



   Make one trick demo to rule them all, using a single set of 216 Zen Magnets.



Similar to the video above, start in Zen Hex form, and end by putting the magnets back inside the red embroidered velvet bag in whatever form.** Unlike our original video, yours is not required to appear as one continuous scene. Aside from the start of your first scene, and the end of your last, you have a lot of freedom. Maximum 6 minutes. You are allowed to edit as needed, but don’t spend time adding flashy visual effects that might distract from the magnets themselves. You may add music if you want, but don’t expect it to affect scoring. Make a video that will hold attention and impress all audiences. No other tools besides Zen PVC cards may be used for manipulation.

   The submission deadline is 4/30


Zen Magnets staff will be the judges in this contest. We’ll consider based on the following:

  • (40%) Presentation – Choreography and aesthetics. Hand placement, framing, scene cleanliness, etc…
  • (40%) Technical Merit – How many objects are made, how difficult are the objects, and what are the transitions in between?
  • (20%) Video Fidelity – How focused and sharp is the entry video? 1080p preferred, but 720p is minimum.


To Enter:

  1. Post your video on Youtube
  2. Title: Include (Zen Magnets Flagship Entry) at the end of your title.
  3. Tag: Zen Magnets, Neoballs, Buckyballs, Nanodots, Neocube
  4. Fill out this form:

Submit Here


If you win 1st or 2nd place, you’ll be paid as a contractor having done commission work. Payment will be made upon delivery of original and working files. We will re-release your video under the Zen Magnets youtube channel, with artist credit such as linking to your profile or channel. Zen Magnets will have the right to use and remix the video as needed, and there is no guarantee that a winning video will be posted to the front page of If payment in Bitcoin is preferred, the USD/BTC price used will be the Bitstamp average on the day winners announced. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, facebook, or twitter.

* We’re literally giving free magnets to everybody who wants to give this contest a shot. We’ll issue a refund of (or give you store credit at your option) one booster set for any genuine attempt. Along with staying inside the tangible bounds and terms described above, your video must be a minimum of 4 minutes long, and show at least 4 formations that are unique from each other. International orders will need to pay shipping.

** If you only own a Mandala and don’t have an embroidered velvet bag, you may end your video with by placing a sheet of 216 Zen back into the box for the end scene.