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31.5: A Symbol or Logo – Winners Announced

Posted on Aug 5, 2013 by in Results Posted

1st Place: GalaxyTraveler

"Photographed inside a light-tent, placed on a 2mm thin white plate made of translucent acryl glass / plexiglas / ""milk glas""? and curved by a self-made construction in order to make the plate the base and background at once (the reflection/shadow is real, not simulated). Lighting was done outside the light-tent from the top and the back by 2 standard halogen lamps I have in my flat.   In post-processing I added the green color in order to match the android-logo increased the contrast and darkened the eyes and the ""graben"" (my dictionary says you even have this German word in English? I mean the space between the head and the body)."

An elegant, soft, yet sharp rendition of the Android robot. Wallpaper worthy at full resolution. GalaxyTraveler notes that it was photographed inside a light box, on semi-translucent acrylic glass. Appropriate and effective post processing. And cheers to Android OS, and open source software. $75 awarded to GalaxyTraveler, usable on or

2nd Place: BenjaminGoosen

It was taken on a white background the the magnets photoshopped out to add the blue background. All colors were then added in photoshop.

At small sizes, it almost looks too perfect to be made of magnets. But at full resolution, you can see that  magnets truly are the medium of this colorful Tetris logo. Precise, and attention grabbing.  A classic game bundled with the release of the original game boy, now deeply ingrained into video game psyche. $55 in Zen Credits awarded.

3rd Place: Waynehjr1

"This was a pretty straight forward build,but I did have some difficulty at first attaching the diagonal to the upright columns. The uprights being normal (not interconnected) and the diagonals were interconnected, making them want to offset from each other. I solved that by placing a card between them until I line up the connection and slowly removed the card. This seem ed work great.  I also did some post editing with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 in creating an object from my build allowing me to place it into any background of my choice, as well as add other objects to enhance the overall appeal of the image."

Heavily post processed, but solid build techniques. Tons of nostalgia for the audience that enjoyed Nintendo 64 [and especially Mario 64, of course.] Undoubtedly many readers have an N64 tucked away in storage, or on a shelf collecting dust. $40 of magnets earned.

4th Place: Dollabills

built with over 4200 magnets.

The NFL logo built with over 4200 magnets. Great use of colors. Depth extremely well extruded from an originally flat logo. Nice border accents. $25 awarded.

5th Place: Mathnetism

Caduceus / Rod of Asclepius Variation

A Variation of the Caduceus, the traditional symbol of Hermes featuring two snakes wrapped around a staff. Mesmerizing geometry, impressive structure, and superb symmetry. Must see in full resolution. $15 in Zen Credits.

6th Place: Tend2it

"ZEN MAGNETS / NEOBALLS (@1438) - Doctor Who Tardis logo  Video:  In anticipation for the upcoming 50th Anniversary (1963-2013) Special coming in November, I wanted to create something to help celebrate the event.  The 11th Doctor got a cool new logo design in the form of D W forming the Tardis shape.  The beacon photos were shot raw and in camera using a tripod, with no post processing ... overlays at bottom were added post in one shot.  The beacon effect was achieved using a red laser pointer focused on four zen mirrored balls to create the flare. Laser specific protective eye glasses was used during this phase. Never look directly into a laser or reflection without protective eye wear specifically designed for laser protection.  Also included in some of the shots: the 10th Doctor's Flight Control Tardis (with lighted sign/windows/beacon), the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, and the 4th Doctor's K-9.  Build info via photos:  Build info ... (@800) - Letter Panels = 2 x (10 x 19) + 2 x (10 x 20) + 2 x (2 x 5) (@516) - Junction Panels = 3 x (2 x (38 + 34 + (2 x 6) + 2) (@036) - D details = (18 top) + (18 bottom) (@040) - W details = (20 top) + (20 bottom) (@048) - Beacon light = (3 x 6) + (4 x 7)  Color count: (@156) - D = (8 x 18) - (22 + 2) + 36 (@156) - W = (3 x 30) + (3 x 8) + 36 (@023) - Beacon light = (4 x 7) - 4  Watermark logo sources:"

Doctor Who nerds, rejoice. This magnetic model of a Tardis will soon travel through time, and or space. Relevant backgrounds are always a nice touch. $7 Zen Prize.

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 18 Entries for the July Symbol contest.

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1st Place: $75 Zen Credit, usable on or

2nd Place: $55 Zen Credit

3rd Place: $40 Zen Credit

4th Place: $25 Zen Credit

5th Place: $15 Zen Credit

6th Place: $7 Zen Credit

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