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28: Classic Monopoly

Posted on Apr 6, 2013 by in 432

Fun Fact: The board game Monopoly was originally invented to teach people about the evils of capitalism. And then the Parker Brothers took over, and made millions 😀

There’s a range of creative freedom presented in Zen Magnet contests. On the end with less restrictions, there have been contests to build anything with a certain subunit, or even a small city skyline. And on the other end of the spectrum are more specific contests, like timed races to convert object X to object Y. This contest lies somewhere inbetween. Your goal is to model a specific object, but you have 8 options to choose from.

The April 2012 contest is sculpt one of the original pieces from the Monopoly board game, with a limit of 2 Sets of Zen Magnets. Some are naturally easier than others. You are tasked with cloning one of the 8 figurines, though how good of a job you do is ultimately decided by an open vote, so choose wisely.

Again, Zen Magnets only for this contest, and a 432 sphere limit. Your sculpture must be made be made only of magnet spheres. Don’t aim simply to make the most amazing sculpture, try to take the most beautiful photo. Be aware of the Background, props, and reflections. Use not your bright reflective flash, but instead the self-timer and a tripod (or stand).

Your copy of Monopoly might not have all of these pieces, too bad.

As usual, the judges will be your peers. Pay attention to resolution, focus, lighting, and framing. There will be at least Six winners, and possibly more depending on participation. The prize for first place will be $100 Zen Credits, usable on or This is a photography contest as much as a Zen Magnets contest. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. And the most important requirement is to have fun.

Submission deadline is the end of April.

To enter, load your full resolution photo on to, and fill out this submission form:

Submit Here!