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22.5: Magnet Shadow Entries Posted – Winners announced

Posted on Nov 7, 2012 by in No Limit, Results Posted

16 total entries submitted in the October Shadow Projection contest. Coincidentally, there were again ties for 4th place, 5th place and 6th place. Don’t expect 9 winners to be something that happens often! Somehow, just like last time, a total of $239 worth of prizes.

1st Place: Benjamingoossen

The photo above, The Man in the Shadows, puts geometry into the realm of abstract art. A human profile made from a variety of small shapes, all together creating an incredible one of a kind piece of art. Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Benjamingoossen. $100 in Zen Credits won, also usable for neoball magnet spheres.

Here’s a peek at the work-space used to build this masterpiece. Click for full size.

2nd Place: Mathnetism

Appears almost as a two photo montage, but the separation is merely the edge of the glass pane holding the magnets. The shadow gives insight about the shape of the sculpture that otherwise would be impossible to tell. Making the shadow a valuable addition. $50 in Zen Credits also usable for Neoballs.

3rd Place: Jrcpalmetto

Two entirely different mesmerizing patterns are made by this hexagonal structure. One, as projected with the help of the sun. Sharp and clean photo. Third place wins $25 in Zen Credits.

4th Place (Tie): GalaxyTraveler

The magnets have come to life, in this spooky ghost shadow. The eyes are distinct and sharp, while the mouth makes a creepy grin. Here’s a shot as lit from inside.

4th Place (Tie): Ssoltero

A radiant star, or seven petal flower. Photographed with a warm tone. The aspect of the photo makes it great for wall paper usage.

5th Place (Tie): Tomdonut14

A green laser star-field projects a pinwheel hanging on a chain. View the setup shot here.

5th Place (Tie): KLAW

This hollow cross is lit from the side by either a small, or distant light source.

6th Place (Tie): MasterVolume

The structure itself is pretty amazing in this photo. Seemingly modeled after the bacteriophage virus.

6th Place (Tie): Sheecacaa3

Impressive helix shadow. Some objected to the use of metal pins, which were counted against. Great resolution in full screen.

*   *   *

If you haven’t already, click on the images to check out the original size.

Prizes are show below. If you entered and didn’t win, remember that you can still submit your photo to to win magnets too!

Contest Winners, contact us from your email to receive your prize credits.

16 Entries for the October Shadow Projection contest. The Polls are open!

Vote Here

Smaller turnout than last time, but the prize offerings will be similar. Incredible submissions, many that clearly required some heavy planning and foresight.

When voting, remember that you’re judging the shadows, and not just the magnet sphere sculpture.

1st Place: $100 Zen Credit, usable on or

2nd Place: $50 Zen Credit

3rd Place: $25 Zen Credit

4th Place: $15 Zen Credit

5th Place: $10 Zen Credit

6th Place: $7 Zen Credit


















Click on images to see full size.

Contestants, feel free to show this contest to family, friends, and others!

Additional votes may be cast via twitter by posting: “@ZenMagnets I vote for entry (NUMBER) in #Contest 22 on #SaveOurBalls” where (NUMBER) is the entry number. Maximum 1 tweet vote per twitter account.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 11/31

Decide your favorite 5 entries, and