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21: 9-Triangle Subunit

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 by in No Limit

The September contest is to build a sculpture using only 9-Triangle subunits. To create a 9-Triangle, make a ring with 9 Zen Magnets, and pinch three sides into a triangle. For many, this will be an interesting exploration into topology. Connecting six triangles at compatible edges will create a flat hexagon. Connecting less than six, will create a cup. And Connecting more than six, will create a saddle. 9-Triangles are great for hollow sculptures.

There is no limit on how many magnet spheres you may use. Zen Magnets only for this contest. If you don’t have thousands of magnets, you’ll have to especially focus on the lighting, framing, and photographic integrity.

The above is a 9-Triangle subunit, and an object built only by connecting sides of triangles.

As usual, the judges will be your peers. So don’t aim simply to make the most amazing sculpture, try to take the most beautiful photo. There will be 5 winners with prizes ranging from 2 Zen Sets to a Mini set. Zen Magnets only. Again, this is a photography contest as much as a magnet sphere contest. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. Having fun is the most important requirement. Submission deadline is the end of September.

To enter, load your full resolution photo on to, and fill out this submission form:

Submissions Closed