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18.5: Two set spaceship entries posted – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Posted on Jul 15, 2012 by in 432, Results Posted


So after extended voting, the standings were much more clear. These contests just keep getting better and better. There were a lot of ties this time, so a total of 9 people will be receiving prizes.

1st Place: EraZorX

Undoubtedly a veteran with magnet spheres, EraZorX is one of the true champions in the world of magnet spheres. With a big lead among all other entries, this submission garnered about 35% more votes than second place. This spaceship has a distinct cabin, rear thrusters, and it’s primary guns make up half of it’s length. If I had to guess, I would say this spaceship was designed for fighting. The photo itself has great contrast, and is uploaded in gloriously high resolution. Click for full size.

2nd Place Tie: Isaac

If the contest were to make a 2 set fighter jet, this entry would have won hands down. This sculpture is incredibly symmetrical for having such thin wing and rudder elements. A three view montage gives us a good look from multiple angles. Awesome entry. One Zen Gift Set awarded.

2nd Place Tie: Tend2it

This elaborate ship looks like the star of a top down shooter, right in the middle of shooting down it’s space foe. Very creative lighting. The little picture in picture for perspective is a nice touch as well. Uploaded in a very satisfying resolution.

3rd Place Tie: Lilmaster1000

If EraZorX’s spaceship was a fighter, Lilmaster1000′s ship would be a scout from the same division; smaller guns and bigger wings.

3rd Place Tie: LeftCoastGal

An imaginative 2d entry from one of our up and coming. Almost looks like a scene from a magnet animation, *wink*.

3rd Place Tie: Sheecacaa3

This eerie shot of a UFO beaming up monopoly houses seems to be no simple feat. The structural integrity of that cone is rather impressive.

4th Place Tie: Capoed

Two perspectives of a very cleanly built spaceship. The camera lens may be dusty, but this ship is incredible.

4th Place Tie: Mathnetism

The shape and background of this shot gives the ship such a sense of scale. As if each of the two hallow rotors could be rotating cities with artificial gravity.

4th Place Tie: YoyoBandalore

It’s hard not to win magnets when fundamentals are so strong. One of the engines are in turbo mode.. or on fire? Either way, it looks awesome.

Again, 1st place Wins 2 Zen Sets. Both 2nd place winners will get one Zen Set each. All 3rd place winners are awarded two free Mini sets. And all 4th place winners get one Mini set of Zen Magnets. If you haven’t already, click on the images for the original size. Prepare to be impressed.

Winners, contact us for your prizes.

26 Entries for the two set spaceship contest of May. The polls are open! Find the link below to vote for the winners.

Since the turnout was so big, we’re increasing the prize pool:

1st Place: 2 Zen Sets

2nd Place: 1 Zen Set

3rd Place: 2 Mini Sets

4th Place: 1 Mini Set


By: Jrcpalmetto


By: Kosmic97


By: GalaxyTraveler


By: capoed




By: ynacach


By: lilmaster1000


By: PunkRock09


By: Ffrangconator


By: isaac


By: tend2it


By: Naaox


By: Sheecacaa3


By: benjamingoossen


By: Mathnetism


By: LeftCoastGal


By: Dawson Brown


By: LittleKev


By: CGCdancer


By: miiryanx10


By: ssoltero


By: big4yrold


By: OffTheWoll


By: Mattias


By: YoyoBandalore


By: EraZorX


Click images to see full size image.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 6/15

Decide your favorite 3 entries, and