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17: Hatch Magnetic Headgear

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 by in 1728

This time Limit 1728 magnets, with no brand restrictions. Photograph a sculpture of some magnetic headgear. It doesn’t need to be to scale, and doesn’t need to fit on your head, or even on your cats head. Quite a wide range of possibilities for this contest. Non-fictional sports helmets, reproductions of historic war helmets, sci-fi antagonist head armor, fashionable hat effigies, etc.

As usual, the judges will be your peers. So don’t aim simply to make the most amazing sculpture, try to take the most beautiful photo. First place gets two free zen sets, second place one free set. Neoballs and other brands of magnet spheres are allowed. Again, this is a photography contest as much as a magnet sphere contest. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. Having fun is the most important requirement. Submission deadline is the end of April.

To enter, load your photo to, and fill out the submission form:

Submissions Closed