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17.5: Headgear Entries – Winners Announced

Posted on May 4, 2012 by in 1728, Results Posted

First Place Winner: Tend2it

The winner of the April headgear contest, and of two free glimmering sets of Zen Magnets, is Tend2it. Using the montage method, four different angles of this helm are shown. The gold and black contrast really emphasizes the layering and depth of the build, and the four colorful neoballs are modestly placed to ornament without extravagance. The photography is sharp, clear, and extremely high resolution. The white balance setting gives the silver neoballs and the wall behind it a greenish yellow tint. Also, being the first submission received always has the benefit of being one of the first entries scanned by voting eyes.

Tend2it elaborates, “This is a light armor helmet that was inspired by the classic RPG games of Diablo, Skyrim, Hellgate London, etc… It is made out of gold, silver, and black NeoBalls along with some Zen Magnets.” A total of 1005 magnet spheres were used, and a build guide can be found here.

Jeweled Fox Helm of Magnetic Magica


Tied for 2nd Place: YoYoBandalore

At this point, is anybody surprised that YoYoBandalore was a contest winner? YoYo tied with EraZorX for second place, each winning one set of Zen Magnets. This time YoYo built a crown fit for a royal afterlife. The crown features pentagonal symmetry, and just enough gold to make a pirate envious. This was actually a resurrection of his previous Zen Magnet sculpture, remastered with black and gold magnets. As usual, the photo is sharp, the contrast is strong, and the upload was high res. This is YoYoBandalore’s eighth time in a row winning prizes here at

The Hades Headdress


Tied for 2nd Place: EraZorX

Our favorite Zen Magnet object impressionist, EraZorX, is responsible for this reflective samurai headgear. We’re always quite impressed when we have no idea how to recreate a magnet sphere sculpture, and this is certainly one of those pieces. Made of exactly eight sets of pure Zen Magnets, with a stand cleverly built into the design. The dark background of this sculpture shows off it’s reflective colorless nature. And along with the others – almost to be expected – the photography is strong, sharp, clean and high resolution. So make sure to click on the image to see the original size. You can see a video of this Samurai helmet here.


A special mention is deserved by LeftCoastGal and PunkRock09, who also received a significant amount of votes. And clearly both deserved them, take a look for yourself.

Winners, since you’re all Zen Gallery members, we’ll credit the prizes to your gallery account shortly :-)

13 Entries for the April Headgear Contest. The polls are open! Find the link below to vote for the winners.

1st place: 2 Zen Sets 2nd Place: 1 Zen Set


By: tend2it


By: Mattias


By: Cosmic97


By: LeftCoastGal


By: RisenMistrocks


By: Alex


By: lixnspliffz


By: YoyoBandalore


By: Naaox


By: benjamingoossen


By: OffTheWoll


By: PunkRock09


By: EraZorX

Click images to see full size image.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 5/15

Decide your favorite 3 entries, and