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14: Mini Sphere Race

Posted on Jan 24, 2012 by in 72, Video

Similar to last January, this month is a video contest to see who can make the fastest C60 sphere. Although only 60 magnets are needed, the starting shape will be 72 magnets, in a two layer 3R-Hex form as shown below. You will need a video camera that will record at a resolution of 640 x 480 or greater. Any brand of magnet spheres may be used, including neoballs, neocube magnets, and buckyballs. Reward for first place is Three sets of Zen Magnets. Second place gets two sets. Third place gets one set. The deadline for submission is the last day of January.

You’ll have twelve extra magnets, and that’s ok. Just set them aside.

The rules are mostly similar to Contest 4:

  • Start from a two layer, three radius hexagon.
  • A stop watch must be visible and legible in video for the duration of the build.
  • Magnets must never be fully out of view.
  • The official time will be counted from when the hexagons are picked up, to when the sphere is set down.
  • No tools may be used. The magnets cannot be marked.
  • Minimum recording resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 frames per sec.
  • No video post processing except for cutting off extra footage at the start or end.
  • Any brand of magnet spheres are acceptable.
  • Video entry must be submitted as a video response to this video:. Submissions closed.

Make sure to turn on the 720p for that clip. If you have red/cyan 3D glasses, grayscale conversion option recommended.

One more rule: You must have fun.