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8.5: Cityscape entries are in.

Posted on Aug 2, 2011 by in No Limit, Results Posted

Some of the most elaborate entries yet. Ctrl+Click on the image to open original size in new tab. Names link to profiles.

Image Map

Voting is complete!

The first place winner of the July Zen Magnet Cityscape contest is GalaxyTraveler. The lighting and reflections are flawless, thanks to an incredibly clever setup. The colors and composition are professional, to say the least. His prize of two free zen sets is well deserved.

One free zen set goes to the second place winner: Nujabez really worked to put depth into his city. Thanks to the perspective, it’s easy to imagine that this city extends for great distances outside this scene.

But if you haven’t already, check out the other amazing entries as well. Veterans Tend2it and YoyoBandalore accomplished incredibly detailed buildings and skyscrapers with precise night scene lighting. Vector2012′s all natural light photography complements the hexagonal angles quite well. And HappyCaroline8 built a scene straight out of magnet sphere Tron. Thanks again to all of the contributors.

Winners, contact us to receive your prize!

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