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7: Macro Zen and the art of Toilet Paper prop placement.

Posted on May 4, 2011 by in 72

This one’s silly. Credit goes to our gallery members. First place gets 2 free zen sets, second place one free set.

The Zen Magnet challenge of May ’11 is to make and photograph something awesome and creative with the use of toilet paper. Use a maximum of only 72 Zen Magnets, and be wary of the reflections and lighting! As a lighting tip rehash: Use not your bright reflective flash, but instead the self-timer and a stand. Make sure to use the macro (read: close-up) mode on your camera.

To enter, load your photo on, and fill out this form. Deadline is end of May, and winners will be announced by June 10th.

And as always, things to remember with these contests:
This is a photography contest as much as a magneteering contest. And everything you submit goes to the public domain.Last but not least, we may ask for more pictures to confirm 72 magnets were used. Having fun is a requirement. :)