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6.5: Art contest voting at r/openart

Posted on Apr 4, 2011 by in No Magnets required, Results Posted

There are a hundred entries! Quite impressive goodies inside, and since it’s all public domain, feel free to decorate your walls. We’ve setup voting on good ol’ reddit at /r/openart. Unfortunately the thumbnails aren’t working, so you’ll actually have to click links to browse the entries. Click up on the grey arrow to upvote, and you can upvote as many as you like. Better to upvote everybody and exclude those you don’t like, than just upvote few.

If you don’t have a reddit account, they are easy to make and require no email address. In your preferences, we recommend displaying 100 links at once.

Voting will end when the numbers settle. Not before 4/10, and not after 4/30.

Voting is over. Will be contacting the top 50 in upcoming days.