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5: Magnet Homunculus

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 by in 1728

Make a standing humanoid figurine out of magnet spheres, and photograph it well. The winner gets 2 Zen sets, and second place gets 1.

Two legs, two arms attached to an abdomen, head on top. Use between 216 to 1728 magnets. Don’t use flash. Plenty of latitude. Zen Magnets only. GO!

Post the photos to imgur, and email the link(s) to with the subject “C5″. You can send us multiple angles of your submission, but send one email only. The submission deadline is the last day of February, and we’ll figure out the winners within 10 days.

By submitting your picture, you agree to free picture from all copyrights. That is, your picture will be released in the open [source] domain. If you win, we may ask you to show us the subunits you used to confirm the magnet count.