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3: Crucial Protoss Tech Building

Posted on Dec 10, 2010 by in 432

The next contest is to build a cybernetics core (SCII) out of zen magnets, and photograph it well. First place gets two Zen sets. Second place gets one.


  • 432 or less magnets
  • No use of camera flash
  • Zen Magnets only

Although Starcraft fans and non-Starcraft fans alike can appreciate the abstract architecture that is the Protoss Cybernetics core, it should be said that Starcraft II is not just any computer game. It’s Korea’s national sport. It’s a real time strategy game that requires not just cunning and calculation, but also resource management and time management. Each game involves nurturing and guarding the economy that backs your firepower, while juggling units to maximise their potential in a war against the performance of another. It is a game that: trains intution of exponential growth, develops multitasking readiness, steadies one’s inner cooking-timers , exercises fast mouse/keyboard interface fluency, solicits awareness of self circumstances, pushes to broaden your horizons and expand, and reminds of humility through defeat.

To enter, put your photo on flickr or imgur, and email the link(s) to You can send us multiple angles of your submission, but send one email only. The submission deadline is 12/31/10, and by 1/10/11 we’ll somehow figure out the winners. By submitting your picture, you agree to free your picture from all copyrights. That is, your picture will be released into the open [source] domain. If you win, we may ask you to show us the build to confirm the 432 limit was followed.