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3.5: Cybernetics Core Results

Posted on Jan 9, 2011 by in 432, Results Posted

The Winner – Ben A.

A total of 9 entries were received, and the duty of judging was handed to r/starcraft. As tend2it said, “A unique interpretation of the details … well done!” Exactly 432 Zen Magnets were used in this composition of the SCII cyber core. Great Job.

Second place – Axentiu97

Click the picture for zoom. Great attention to the setup, very clear photography, and fine similarity. Submitted by Axentiu97, a veteran magneteer who we are very happy have in our gallery.

If you won, contact us for magnets.

Honorable Mentions:

Two of the best Cybernetics Cores were created only for the challenge, and explicitly not entered into the contest. Tend2it and EraZorX, two of our the most prolific gallery members, both decided to share the zen magnet wealth with some fresh faces. Cheers to these guys for their generosity, creativity, and passion.

Tend2it, who recently created the 1582 sphere Battleship Yamato seen in the gallery stream, has a reputation for sharp pictures and creative lighting.

EraZorX, the impressionist with brilliant sense of detail, is responsible for some of the best real object representations in our gallery, small and huge.

Other Entries:

Everybody that participated deserves two pats on the back. One for the courage to have their photo shown to tens of thousands. One more for taking the time and energy to create and photograph a unique magnet creation. All of the entries were really good. All of them are linked below (in no particular order) for your viewing pleasure.

Kevin B.


Sam K.

Odin K.



Jason L.

Thanks to all who participated. The next contest will be up within the next few days. Stay tuned!