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25.5: Hex Race Winners

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 by in Results Posted, Video

After the longest delay ever, we finally got around to making the results video for Contest 25. Although the winners were announced on February 6th 2013, and prizes were distributed soon after, our brief summary video is now available, and only about two years late.


Remember when we had that “Coming Soon” image on for two years? Hahah… yea… Well, if you missed it, here’s what it looked like 😉


The original contest was to create an icosohedron from a Zen Hex cylinder, and was announced in January 2013.


1st: Cory Williams – 20:27

2nd: Mathnetism – 21:12

3rd: Maqz122333 – 23:06

4th: Morningssounds – 24:15

5th: Zach Gable – 38:17

6th: Sean Morris – 51:05

7th: ZenMagGeekPro – 1:13:03

8th: BlackPrismGuard – 1:21:29

9th: Trevorpiccen – 1:28:23

10th: fayolaOnline – 4:44:20