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25: Hex Stack to Icosahedron

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by in 216, Video

It’s January, so it’s time for magnet sphere time trials! Only those who have agile fingers, and those seeking a sharper mind should attempt.

The 25th Zen Magnets contest is to turn a Zen Hex Cylinder, into a 9-Triangle Icosahedron, which can be made with twenty triangles.  The submission deadline is the last day of January 2013, so this competition will only be live for 2 weeks! Also, anybody who beats 1:30, will win at least $10, so expect many winners.

Make sure to turn on the 720p for that clip.


1st – $150
2nd – $75
3rd – $35
4th – $25
5th – $15
Beat 1:30 – $10


The rules:

  • stop watch must be visible and legible in video for the duration of the build.
  • Magnets must never be fully out of view.
  • The official time will be counted from when the magnets are first touched, to when the hands are no longer touching.
  • No tools may be used, except for one PVC splitting card. The magnets cannot be marked.
  • Minimum recording resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 frames per sec.
  • No video post processing except for cutting off extra footage at the start or end.
  • Any brand of magnet spheres are acceptable.
  • All prizes will be in the form of Zen Credits, usable on or

Submit Video Here!

One more rule: You must have fun.