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2: Happy Carl Sagan Day

Posted on Nov 6, 2010 by in 432

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever” – Happy Carl Sagan Day! What a great day to make an apple pie from scratch, and watch Cosmos. To commemorate a man who dedicated his life to science, the next contest will be to build the viking 1 lander with 432 zen magnets or less. The reward for First place is two sets of zen magnets, and one set for second place. The submission deadline is 11/30.

Sagan and the Viking 1

There was some confusion as to whether the twitter hashtag was #contests or #contest, so from now on the hashtag will just be So to enter, post your image link to twitter with the tag. For example, a submission might look something like “The best magnet viking evarr: <image link>” We’ll announce the winner here by 12/7, and will publish the winning picture(s) on our site or gallery. Also, if you win, be ready to show us how you made it so that we can confirm the 432 magnet limit.

Congrats to Tronn349 for correctly guessing 864 magnets in the previous contest. Please contact us for a free set.

Lastly, we’re still figuring out this whole contest thing as we go, so much of the structure is still up in the air. For example, we’ve heard arguments for and against the use of twitter for submissions, so we’re looking into the feasibility and suitability of a built in comment system. And maybe built in polls or a subreddit for democratic submission judging in the future. Use of facebook for submitting is objectionable, mainly because facebook is sketch. And if you want facebook scripts to stop tracking your browsing history, install facebookblocker.