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2.5: Viking 1 results

Posted on Dec 5, 2010 by in 432, Results Posted

First Place goes to WTG_Fireflex. Great representation, and only 216 magnets used! The body is well elevated, tripod legs distinct, and even the baggage is well defined. Bad camera, but offset by a very magnetic background. Click the picture for full size.

Second Place goes to HYPRKLSTRKMPLX. Clear shot, with relatively good depth of field. The lander has a nicely elevated satellite dish. All features present. Clean background is a big plus. Exactly two full sets (432) were used.

If you won, contact us for magnets.

Honorable mentions:

This one is by Vector2010. The body is low, but the satellite dish reaches high. Great attempt. Two full sets were used

Made by jasonbbb711. Looks like a creature straight out of spore. Adorable little bugger. Well photographed. Background is appropriate. 334 Zen Magnets were used.

Made by mr.milk1. A very interesting interpretation of the Viking 1. Distinct subunits are always fun to work with. 431 Zen Magnets were used.

Made by EraZorX, one of very own gallery members. This one isn’t technically a contest submission, as it’s creator generously participated only for the challenge. Two full sets were used.

Last, but very far from the least, is this one made by tend2it. Another one of our most prolific gallery members. Two full sets were used in this carefully staged photo-op. Honestly, this picture probably would have won the contest, but it’s author also made this only for the challenge, explicitly turning down the potential contest rewards out of equitabile consideration. Highly recommend clicking for full size.

Other stuff:

Having pictures posted to twitter was a horrible idea. The submissions were much less persistent than we expected. most of the twitter submissions have been replaced by text that says “Older Tweet results for are unavailable.” BOOOOOOOoooooo. In the future we’ll either shorten the twitter hashtag, or pick a different method of submission. We may also try to do some kind of public voting system for winner selection next time. Or we may not. Still playing it by ear. The next contest will be up by 12/10.

And to everybody trying to buy magnets but cannot: SORRY! There’s not much we can do. Our situation is kinda like this:

Except instead of GOOD, CHEAP and FAST, ours is GOOD, CHEAP and AVAILABLE. We’ve built our brand on having the very best magnet spheres at a great price. If you would rather have GOOD and AVAILABLE, then it’s not gonna be CHEAP.