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12: Wanted: The Gyroid

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 by in No Limit

What do butterflies, ketchup, microcellular structures, and plastics have in common?

This time we’re doing a contest like never before. By far the most geometrically ambitious magnet sphere project to date. And the bounty, is Four zen sets to the first person who can make a section of the gyroid. An infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface that contains no straight lines. We don’t know if this even possible. Find more info in these links:

Zen Magnets only. Use however many you need.

[EDIT: Gyroid Created. Post up soon.]

This time your peers are not your judges. If you think you’ve figured out how to create the gyroid, send your pictures, video links, or other specimen to [deleted] We’ll reproduce your work to confirm it’s legitimacy. The section must be at least 2x2x2 periods like the image above, and should connect to identical sections seamlessly. If there is no winner this month, this contest will continue until there is a winner.