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11.5: Butterfly entries. Winners announced!

Posted on Nov 27, 2011 by in 432, Results Posted

#11 Winners (Finally) Announced!

First Place, again: YoYoBandalore

The polls have spoken. For the second third contest in a row, YoYoBandalore comes in first, to win two free sets of Zen. The winning combination of great photography and unique magnet poetry does it again. Color neoballs used.

The photo itself is well composed, as are most of YoYo’s photos. High resolution, great contrast, good white balance, thoughtful background. Many of the entries were really good this time, but YoYo’s was still the crowd favorite by a fair margin.

Second Place: 3 Way Tie

The second place result was statistically indeterminate. All interpretations of the poll result deemed too close to call. So 3 the three winners of contest 11 are: Razuto, Tend2it and EraZorX. Each winning one set of Zen.

Razuto – Great focus, alluring background

Tend2it – Detailed 2D multi-color action

EraZorX – Shiny clean and ultra-minimalist

Winners, contact us for your Zen Magnets. :-)

* * *

13 total entries submitted for October’s butterfly contest. This is the second contest we’ve opened doors to all brands, leading to some sweet color neoball flair. Impressively, every single entry is 100% symmetrical. No novices here. Click to see full size, and then scroll down to find the voting link.


By: ClickIt


By: Razuto


By: mrlinuxfish


By: Kevin


By: tend2it


By: GalaxyTraveler


By: EraZorX


By: Ffrangconator


By: DSkiles


By: LeftCoastGal


By: YoyoBandalore


By: Kaleb


By: Kew26

Remember your favorite 3, and Click here to Vote for the winners

First place gets two zens, and second place one!

Votes are being tallied! Winner posted soon :-)