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82: Magnets in Motion

Posted on Aug 5, 2020 by in Magnet Limit, No Limit

The August 2020 contest is to photograph magnets in motion. You may approach this two different ways: 1. The magnets are stationary and the camera is moved while the shutter is open, or 2. The magnets are in motion and the camera is in a stationary position. Either way, you’ll need to utilize a long exposure or the bulb setting to capture the movement.

What you build is entirely up to you. Use any number of magnets of any brand. Remember, the highlights on the magnets are going to be the most prominent, use it to your advantage.

Example 1: Stationary magnets, camera was moved while shutter was open.
Example 2: Stationary camera, magnets were moved while shutter was open.

Summary of Requirements:

  • No limit on number of magnets or brand
  • 1 submission per person
  • Photo must have motion blur from movement
  • No collages or photo manipulation beyond basic levels and contrast
  • Submissions due by August 31, 2020

Everything you submit goes into the public domain, and of course, the first and most important requirement is that you have fun! Remember, if you’re going to put your magnets into motion, be careful to keep them off the ground. Submit your entry below:

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