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76: 864 Piece Monochrome

Posted on Feb 6, 2020 by in 864, Magnet Limit

Color is descriptive. Form is interpretive.

The February 2020 contest is to devise a construction of exactly 864 magnets of the same breed. For the first time, we’re also allowing up to two submissions per person.

For reference, 864 magnets is: 4 Triumph sets, half of a Mandala, or 1 Neoballs Tesseract Cassette. There is no theme, art direction or limitation on what your construction may be. You have full freedom to make what you want with 864 magnets. Geometric shapes, impressionist builds of animals or weapons, whatever.

Your construction must be composed entirely of magnets of one type and be free standing. So your the photo may include props, but the build must not be reliant on anything but a single type and coating of magnets spheres. So if you want to use Cyan Neoballs, use nothing but Cyan Neoballs.

“It’s all about the reflection…” by Fabian Fortmann


  • Photo must contain exactly 864 magnet spheres of the same size and coating.
  • No brand or size restrictions.
  • Up to 2 submissions per person! (submit separately, no collages)
  • No photo manipulation aside from levels/color correction
  • Deadline February 29, 2020

Pay close attention to framing, composition, lighting, focus, and magnet cleanliness (fingers are greasy). The judges, which will be your peers, are suckers for good photos.

There’s $300 in prizes up for grabs, to be distributed among the winners. Each submission will be posted independently of creator, and we won’t reveal identities until after judging. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. Of course, the first and foremost requirement, is that you have fun!

Enter your submission below, and if you have two, there’s a 2nd image upload field in the form.