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62: Gallery Revue 1000

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 by in No Magnets required


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

-Albert Einstien

 Spotlight on the Origins.


The December 2019 contest is to nominate 3 photos out of the first 1000 Zen Gallery photos, that best represent Zen Magnets. This is our annual no-magnets-required contest. $300 total prize pool, plus $100 bonus to the respective content creators. For taking the time to review Zen Gallery of 2010, you can potentially win $75.

There are more contests we want to try than there are months in the year. We want to run contests with: different props, many distinct subunits, impressionism themes, specific photography styles, engineering contests, and bountiful sequels to previous contests that we would love to re-run. But this month, take a look at passions of the past.

Step 1. Look at the first 1000 accepted submissions in the Zen Magnets Gallery by starting on page 61: If there aren’t 100 photos per page, or you see recent photos, try a different browser.

Step 2. Copy the links to your favorites for each category. The categories are:

Best Medium-Small Build Photo – One or two sets of magnets, maybe less. Imagery that would go well on the page for a Triumph set or Focus set. Make sure the quality is good at full size.

Best Large Build Photo – This is a photo you would want to see on the Mandala page, or in the Mandala guide. Keep in mind that some of the packaging has changed since 8 years ago.

Best Wallpaper – Something that looks good full screen. We may rotate it with Mathnetism’s current parallax background on

Step 3. Enter the contest by nominating those 3 photos in this google form, along with brief comments:


Submit Here


Since the barrier to entry is low, and judging is especially subjective, the prizes will be distributed among more winners. Winners for each category will be decided independently. Similarly, prizes for each category will be awarded separately. Think of it as three mini contests in one, each with $100 on the line.

Contestants who nominate a top 5 photo, per category, will be awarded according to this schedule:


Category Placement Prize
1st $25
2nd $22
3rd $20
4th $18
5th $15


One form submission per person. Only photos past page 61 of the Zen Gallery qualify for nomination. Deadline is Dec 31st 2018. If more than one person nominates a photo, the prize will be split evenly. For example, if two people nominate the same 2nd place photo, $22 will be split between them for that category. Compared to most Zen Contests, this contest is hand-out.

The creators photos that win will also get a 33% kickback just for their past contributions to the Zen Magnets Gallery. If you’re interested in participating in the Zen Gallery yourself, one set of Zen Magnets is awarded weekdaily to adept imagineers and the photographically proficient.

Have questions? Ask us.