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55: Contests Reawaken [Correct Guess Found]

Posted on Jun 20, 2018 by in No Magnets required, Results Posted

[Edit: The correct guess of 4740 was found on 7/2/2018 via]

Geometry Guesswork

Holy guacamole, this place has gotten dusty. Untouched since April 2015. We’ll work on sprucing up the whole contest ship while we’re in the air. For now, the Zen Contest revival launches with two simultaneous challenges: One low-ish effort, and one high effort. This will be the easier one that requires no magnets. was born November 2010, with a magnet count guessing challenge. Now that we’ve lifted our legal burdens, Zen Contests will be reborn alike with Contest 55. This is part geometric math, and part intelligent guessing.

For a prize of $50 in magnets, the mission is to guess how many magnets are shown in the following photo:

Zen Magnets Neoballs Guessing 2018

Click for full size


To Enter, submit your guess via

Neoballs Facebook
Zen Magnets Twitter
Neoballs Instagram


Maximum 1 guess per day, per channel. The contest will continue until there is a winner, who will be contacted directly. We’ll check all three social media venues daily until a winner is found.

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