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44.5: Single Set Origami – Winners Announced + Contest Hibernation

Posted on Apr 1, 2015 by in 216, Magnet Limit, Results Posted

Many wonderful submissions for contest 44, the single set origami challenge. Bit first, an announcement:

Contest & Gallery Hibernation Begins

This is the last contest we’ll be holding in the near future, and at the end of the month we’ll be discontinuing gallery prizes.

As many of you have already noticed, we’ve been a zero income company for the past few weeks. We can’t sell Zen Magnets because we don’t have any, and can’t import more. We can’t sell neoballs because we can’t import more, and our remaining supply was “tainted” by magnicube’s recall.

Starting the end of this month, photos accepted to the Zen Gallery are not guaranteed to be rewarded prizes, although may still be if we get back on our feet and are able to sell Zen Magnets again. Photos will also be accepted to the Zen Gallery at a much less consistent basis.

In case we don’t wake up from this nap, it’s been an incredible experience working with and supporting the magnet sphere community. In our now six year run, we’ve given away over two thousand sets of magnets to reward amazing feats of passion and intellect. Thank you for this amazing part we’ve had to privilege to play.

For more details regarding our current situation, stay up to date at

1st Place: TehHippeh

“The goal was to present a spectral image, lit brightly from within, floating in front of the viewer. Folded 8 radius hexagon sheet. Lit by red from below and bluish-purple from above. Suspended in the air (no green screen) from the head of a small hammer. ” Very cool colors, with great effort spent on the setup. TehHippeh wins $164.90 of genuine Zen Magnets, equal to 5 Zen Sets.

2nd Place: GalaxyTraveler

“This was just the result of random playing with a hexagon-sheet while watching TV 😀 Illuminated with red LEDs to underline the look of a skull.” A must see at full resolution. A beautifully well shot photo with a sharp focus, minimal noise, and superbly flavored reflections. $131.92, equal to 4 Zen Sets awarded.

3rd Place: Tend2it

This alien face (or alien helmet) is one of the meanest things we’ve seen made from origami, mostly due to the gigantic aggressively tilted eyes. Well chosen plane of focus. $98.94, equal to 3 Zen Sets

4th Place: Fool

“After playing with various shapes, I kept coming back to this simple lotus design.” A refreshing natural scene is the only time direct lighting is reasonable. Crisp shot of some clean magnets. See full size by clicking it. $65.96 is two Zen Sets.

5th Place: Joe Magnet

“I experimented by folding, pinching sides together, and folding open sides. I did not have a particular design in mind, but was pleased with what my creation evolved into.” The result is a unique and interesting sculpture. One Zen Set worth $32.98 won.

* * *

These were only five of the 22 entries! See the rest below. If you haven’t already, click on the images to check out the original size. And keep in mind that contests held here are independent of the Zen Gallery. Magnet sculptors can always submit photos to, though rewards after the end of this month are not guaranteed.

Contest Winners, we’ll email you your prizes soon.

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A great showing of 22 Entries for Contest #44! All are sculptures have been created from folding a single hex sheet of 216 Zen Magnets.

Click thumbnail to see full image.


1st Place: $164.90 Zen Credit, usable on or Winning Zen Contests will be the only way to acquire Genuine Zen Magnets during our stop-sale period.

The rest of the prize scale will be announced with the winners.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline is 4/30/2015.

Decide your favorite SIX entries, and

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