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38: Humanoid V2

Posted on Feb 12, 2014 by in 1728

It’s true that the human body is more vulnerable than the products of the human mind. – Salman Rushdie

The February 2014 contest is to create a humanoid sculpture, using a miminum of 432 Zen magnets, and a maximum of 1728.

Over thirty contests ago we had the very first homunculus contest. This month is the long awaited sequel. What is considered a humaoid? Any standing figure with a body, head, two arms and two legs, really. There’s plenty room for imagination even if your aim is to imitate an actual human figure.

Read the rules below.

Zen Magnets Only for this contest. As usual, the judges will be your peers. Pay attention to resolution, focus, lighting and framing. Use not your bright reflective flash, but instead of a self timer and a tripod (or stand.) Sharp, high resolution pictures are preferred, and remember that your thumbnail will be hexagon shaped crop when shown among others. There will be at least FIVE winners, possibly more depending on participation. The prize for first place in this contest will be $65 Zen Credits, usable on or All Zen Credits are also exchangeable for half their value in Bitcoin. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. Of course, the first and foremost requirement, is that you have fun!

Submission deadline is the end of February.

To enter, load your full resolution photo on to, and fill out this submission form:

 Submit Here