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36.5: 2R Hex Set – Winners Announced

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 by in 216, Results Posted

1st Place: Waynehjr1

“Seahorse Pride”. A wonderful representation of a seahorse proudly riding his tail across the waters surface, almost like a dolphin. “This was a little tricky getting it to balance properly, but a magnetic mirror under the scenes helped a lot. This was one of my first creations when tackling this contest.” Nice post processing effects. $65 in Zen Credits awarded, usable on or

2nd Place: Dan Condon-Jones

It was really hard choosing which one to upload. I did have a prototype for this Eiffel Tower - but then I realised it only had three legs.

A very clean model of an Eiffel Tower on a bright green ground. Fact: This was actually Dan’s second attempt. The first prototype only had three legs.  $57 worth of magnets won.

3rd Place: Joe Bergeron

I knew that I wanted to sculpt an animal - while it may not seem so, this model does in fact use twelve unaltered hexagon units - the legs were created from hexagons simply folded in half. The amount of magnets I had to work with lent itself nicely to an ant. Three hexagons created the thorax, two for the abdomen, one for the head, and six for all the legs. I started building, having no idea what animal I wanted to create, and this just somehow came about.

The “Fire Ant” was built using only hexagons folded in half. “I started  building having no idea what I wanted to create, and this just somehow came about.” Great photography, a must see at full resolution. $49 Zen Credits awarded.

4th Place: Poolshark

folded three hexagons together for back base and three hexagons for front base. two hexagons were used for each wing just curled a bit. two hexagons were folded in half and one used as the tail piece while the other is used for the nose. 12 18 ring hexagons in total. There are other shots of it in the profile but i felt it needed a multi screen shot to display the details.

A collage of multiple views of a ship. “Folded three hexagons for the back base, and three hexagons for the front base. Two hexagons were used for each wing just curled a bit.” $41 of magnets earned.

5th Place: Smorris

I started off playing around with different body types. I decided to finally go with the shown body type which was a good size given the contest's limitations. It consists of 6 hexgons in a triangle form, folded to make a oval. I then attempted to make legs and a neck by folding hexagons into rolls in various ways. The biggest challenge was to find sturdy bonds for the limbs so that they wouldn't buckle under weight. Lastly, I rolled 2 hexagons into cone shapes for the eyes/head.

The Three-Legged Ness. “The biggest challenge was to find sturdy bonds for the limbs so that they wouldn’t buckle under the weight.” Very sharp at full resolution $33 Zen awarded.

6th Place: MAGPLANT

To create this model, I first built the hexagons(12 hexagons each 2 layers thick). Next I started to experiment with different nets of those hexagons. After a few minutes of my free time, I created a trio of nets which together form the magnet warrior..

Titled: “The Fierce Warrior”. A symmetrical figure standing among colorful LED fire candles. Submission resolution is on the low side. $25 Zen Credits.

7th Place: Teradonis

A spaceship that nearly has an enterprise-esque feel. Good framing for thumbnail generation. $17 Zen.

8th Place: Cheesus93 

I made this mostly by accident, but I saw a shape in the hexagons and went with it. Keeping the string on was the most difficult part.

The Angel Ornament was “made mostly by accident… Keeping the string on was the most difficult part.” Room reflections visible at full resolution. Great shot. $9 Zen Credit awarded.

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 21 Entries for the December 2013 contest.

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1st Place: $65 Zen Credit, usable on or

2nd Place: $57 Zen Credit

3rd Place: $49 Zen Credit

4th Place: $41 Zen Credit

5th Place: $33 Zen Credit

6th Place: $25 Zen Credit

7th Place: $17 Zen Credit

8th Place: $9 Zen Credit

Zen Credits are also exchangeable for half their value in Bitcoin.

Judges, remember that this contest is a photography contest just as much as it is a magnet sculpture contest, overall aesthetic does matter. Voting deadline has passed.

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