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33: The 5-Ring Subunit

Posted on Sep 9, 2013 by in No Limit

The September 2013 contest is to build any sculpture using only 5-Ring Subunits. One of the most simple subunits, which still allows great variety of form. Pentagonal rings can be stacked in either polarity, or connected at the sides for interesting experiments into topology. All identifiable rings or chains must be part of a 5-ring unit, for example, you can’t connect two 5 rings for the sole purpose of creating a 10 ring.

There is no limit on how many magnet spheres you may use. Zen Magnets only for this contest. If you don’t have thousands of magnets, you’ll have to specially focus on the lighting, framing, and photographic integrity.

Zen Contest 33

The above is a 5-Ring subunit, and an object built only by connecting rings of 5.

As usual, the judges will be your peers. So don’t aim simply to make the most amazing sculpture, try to take the most beautiful photo. There will be at least five winners. The prize for first place will be at least $75. Zen Magnets only for this contest. Again, this is a photography contest as much as a magnet sphere contest. Everything you submit goes into the public domain. Having fun is the most important requirement. Submission deadline is the end of September.

To enter, load your full resolution photo on to, and fill out this submission form:

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